Saturday, March 27, 2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

another holder

I had an idea once, in fact, one of the very first ideas I had. I would even say it is in the first half dozen and it is from this idea that "I'll Always Be With You, Boys", my 3rd story, was born. I had envisioned a dinner party wherein the last six Sultans still in Baird's Holler had gathered as one of them, Xavier Huggins, was announcing his retirement and complete dissolution of any interests remaining in the Mortenson Mine, as well as he and his wife's intent to leave Baird's Holler at dawn.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Mercurial Moments Sonnet Construction

I know I am speaking here a little ahead of myself but I must. For one, I am still running behind with catching time for directly tackling the next Tale in line, one which needs explanation in serious whole for it is the basis of what has become, structurally, what it is I am working on now. What I present here is nothing other than my outline, without any explanation other than this represents a 2000 word section within "A Sestina Writ in Darkness". How this came about and why it exists, I have no true excuses. It was a wild time in my head as this chapter was emerging though, I'll tell you that.

Just on a note, and to satisfy anyone who does the math, there were ten orphan words at the end.